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Frequently Asked Questions


There's nothing in your store!

You're right! At Dawnbreaker Dice we only open our store when we have enough stock to sell- 
Generally this will be the last Sunday of every other month so long as we have enough product! Fear not, however, we will always post on social media when we will be selling our next round of dice!
Our store will open sales at 10:00am on the announced date!

When are you opening shop again?

Our next sale is scheduled for September 18th, 2022 at 10am CT

How do Sales work?

Dawnbreaker Dice's sales are always on a Sunday at 10am CT US!

All items that will be for sale will be posted about a week beforehand, though will be marked "Out of Stock" until the time of the sale. Please note that each listing is for the pictured set/item ONLY - we do not put multiple sets in one listing.

About 15-30 minutes before the sale we will take everything down to update inventory.

At 10am we post everything back up for sale, and all items remain up for sale until they have sold! 

What is a "Signature Set?"

Signature sets are custom sets that will often make a return to our store. Its generally a dice set that our customers and the dice community have loved beyond our expectations, and so we've decided to make sure we can keep supplying that set to the community. 

Please note that no signature set will be exactly the same as a previous set, due to their handmade nature.

How much do your dice cost?

Our dice and die range in cost depending on their quality, finish, complication, and flaws.

  • For full sets the cost range is between $30 to $100+

  • For singular die the price range is $15-$30.

  • For commission sets the price starts at $70.00 for previously made sets and $120 for fully custom sets. Please check our Store Policy page for more information on our commissions. 

  • Domestic Shipping (USA) is $3.00-$5.00

  • International Shipping is $15.00

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards.

Unfortunately we cannot process Paypal transactions, as it takes 3 days to process the order with them and in the meantime, someone else will purchase the set you were trying to purchase.

Who made your gorgeous custom masters!?

We were extremely lucky to get one of the first master sets made by ArcanaCast! The owner is an absolute delight to work with and we couldn't recommend him more!

To see his amazing work, please check out his IG:

Can I pre-order a set?

Our sets are sold on a first come, first serve basis so we do not put sets up for pre-order at this time. You can, however, purchase a commission slot when we open them and order the same set you wanted to pre-order!

Will you hold a set?

Our sets are all sold on a first come, first serve basis. We may have similar sets for sale that you can purchase, however.

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