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Custom Finishes

Dawnbreaker Dice prides itself on offering unique, specially curated designs. Part of these designs are how we finish our dice, which, broken down, means how a set of dice has been sanded and polished. Below you can see our three main "Finishes" that we incorporate into our designs!

Custom Finishes: Text
Satin Finish.jpg

Satin Finish

This finish is soft and mostly see through, but has no bright shine or reflection on the surface of the faces.

Custom Finishes: Image
Sea Gloss Finish.jpg

Sea Glass Finish

This finish is a smooth frosted surface. The dice are mostly opaque even when made with clear resin.

Custom Finishes: Image
High Gloss Finish.jpg

High Gloss Finish

This finish is a glossy, glass like finish that leaves the dice crystal clear.

Custom Finishes: Image
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